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The P6 team want to thank everybody who came along to our Industrial Revolution Showcase last Thursday – hopefully you have all managed to get Dolly Parton’s 9-5 out of your heads by now! Ms Dobie is still humming ‘Can you hear the People Sing!’ (at least it’s not a Christmas song quite yet!) The event was a huge success and we raised £105 for our Pupil Council chosen charity: The Sick Kids Foundation through donations for photos, Victorian spiced orange decorations and metallic cog cookies and ginger beer!

The pupils enjoyed taking you on a tour of Lowry’s industrial landscapes showing off their knowledge of our topic including elements learnt on our trip to New Lanark. They showed us the historical timeline of the Industrial Revolution from the Jacobite Clearances to the increase of industry on the central belt of Scotland. William Blake’s chimney sweeps provided a stark comparison of yesterday’s society with our own reminding us why it is so important to study children’s rights. Inventors boasted about their contributions to modern technology and our Suffragettes showed us that society’s changes were social as well as technological.

In the classrooms we hope you enjoyed your children sharing their fantastic work and trying out some of our activities whether that be Blooms Higher Order Thinking Skills Question dice or painting your very own matchstick men – some of you parents missed your calling as artists! We also hope you enjoyed looking at the innovative solutions for the design challenges set and supported by final year students from Edinburgh College of Art.

We have taken a few photos from the trip, show and design workshops – which we hope you will enjoy. Thank you again for all of your support and we hope you have a wonderful holiday when it arrives.

In the New Year on to all things Scottish…

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