Challenge Your Mindset


Unit 3: Challenge Your Mindset

The main focus of this unit is about considering how and why we can hold beliefs about our abilities and intellect which in turn can positively or negatively influence how we learn and behave.

The key messages shared are:

1. Who we are and what we are good at is not fixed

2. The way we think, feel or learn shapes our brain

3. I can change through the choices I make

The children will learning and talking about…I can’t do this YET! They will explore and  discuss the ‘resilience tools’ in their toolkit they can use to support challenges they encounter.

The Parent and carer leaflet below provides an overview of the unit.

Challenge Your Mindset Parent & Carer Leaflet

CaptureCapture 1

UNIT 3: Challenge Your Mindset Home Activity

We are learning that challenges, mistakes, and problems are part of everyday
learning activities and social interactions. We will share our class and home learning at our Challenge Your Mindset sharing assemblies.

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