Fund Raising for Macmillan Cancer


Guess the number of sweeties in the jar.

The Pupil Council organised a charity fund raising event for Macmillan Cancer. They filled seven jars with different types and numbers of sweets, then they asked their year groups to guess how many.   You can see the wonderful jars below.

What a super idea. They raised £91. Well done to the Pupil Council and all who contributed! They still have one jar left as one person chose to have a mystery prize instead.

The winners were:  Millie P1A ,  Arthur P2C,  Oscar P3A,  Lachlan P4C , Perla P5A , Logan P6C and Miss Carney P7B.

Edgar and Oscar in P3A were inspired by this. They designed a special  Macmillan ‘collection box’ and have been busy collecting our ‘loose change’ all week. Well done boys! What a great effort!

I wonder how much they will collect? They will count their ‘loose change’ on Monday.

IMG_0302            IMG_0301


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