Sportshall Athletics

Mrs Ramsay took our Bruntsfield Primary School Team to Meadowbank on the 6th Nov 2017 for the start of the Sportshall Athletics Competition. There are heats that have to be gone through first and the first three teams to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd get through to the final. There were nine teams competing against the children but they came out winning the competition with a score of 209 points. This is a combination of field and track events. Our nearest rival James Gillespie Primary came in second with a score of 186 points. There has been another couple of competitions held at Meadowbank before and after us IMG_0657so on Monday when we compete we will be up against the best three teams from each qualifying round. The final will be held on the 20th Nov 2017 and Mrs Ramsay will be keeping her fingers crossed that we do well. She is very proud of all of them to have got this far. Good Luck on Monday the 20th.

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