First Group Skiers 3rd Week

A couple  of the outcomes for CfE are:

HWB 1-21a – I am discovering ways that I can link actions and skills to create movement patterns and sequences. This has motivated me to practise and improve my skills to develop control and flow.

HWB 1- 23a – I can follow and understand rules and procedures, developing my ability to achieve personal goals. I can recognise and can adopt different roles in a range of practical activities.

While the children are learning to ski it is their actions and skills that they learn from the instructor that creates the movement that they need to ski and by practise and improving their skills do they finally become good skiers.


There were a few ups and downs this week with a couple of children having to “take that moment” Skiing is one of those sports where you are under stress some of the time…not picking it up as quickly as others, falling all the time, not being able to get the action right you are asked to do….and so it goes on, however, it is in moments like this, where  we actually experience what it feels like to be stressed, that we truly use our strategies that we have learnt  to over come our fears. One child had to go through that on Friday but went back on and continued to ski. It can be very difficult to do this when you are in that stressful place, as all strategies you have been taught have a tendency to be forgotten  but with a little help from adults and friends you can get through and this child did. Proud of her!!!!

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