First Group of Skiers 2017

Our first group of skiers are non skiers so they have never, or hardly ever, been on skis. They have just finished their second week today and are doing really well.

We do an 8 week course, where by the children are at Hillend for skiing all of Friday morning. This makes a huge difference in their progression, as you will see from the photos.  In the second week they  are already up to the green and last week they couldn’t even put their boots on !

Skiing is one of those platforms from which children can build physical competences, improve aspects of fitness, and develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes. Skiing is one of many sports which children can develop self awareness, experience personal achievements and builds resilience and confidence. They are already rising to the challenge and Mrs Ramsay is  very proud of all of them for doing really well already

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