Head Teacher’s Blog 26/10/2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back, I hope you all enjoyed the October break.

  • The Health and Safety Conference for Headteachers on Friday 13 October was helpful and informative. They stressed the importance of a good breakfast as a way to improve concentration and reduce accidents.
    Kidzcare Breakfast Club have spaces if you would like your child to attend.
  • Our staff and children practice a Fire Drill each term. This term, we evacuated the building in 2 minutes 47 seconds, which is very good for a school this size.
  • Teachers worked on sharing an understanding of the ‘Benchmarks’ in all curricular areas in the morning, and with Cluster colleagues in the afternoon, focusing on reading, writing and maths to ensure constancy of standard across the three primary schools. Further information on Benchmarks is available on: https://education.gov.scot/improvement/curriculum-for-excellence-benchmarks
  • Times tables are always an area to keep revisiting. As a guide, we expect almost all children in P4 and most by the end of P3 to know all their tables. We have found children benefit most when they are quick and confident in their tables (and number bonds for younger children- adding and subtracting up to 20) . You may have heard this referred to as ‘automaticity’. As the nights  become darker and the children are indoors more, a few tables here and there helps a lot!
  • The NHS website, ASL.scot.nhs.uk, has some good ideas to support fine motor skills and ball skills.
  • Remember the clocks go back this weekend, it has been known for children to arrive at the wrong time after a time change!

Kindest regards,

Carol Kyle

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