P6 Lagganlia Camp

Tuesday 19 September 2017
Well we arrived at Lagganlia. All 68 children, 6 adults, 74 suitcases, 76 packed lunches ( bus drivers included), three odd welly boots and one running for it’s life red squirrel …of us… to sunshine and our welcoming smiley instructors. 

“Really excited” , “A little nervous” , “Hooray…where’s  my room?” and “I can’t wait to get started” were just a few of the initial thoughts shared delightedly.

After some lunch we took our things to our rooms then met our instructors. We got to know our teams and explored Lagganlia a little.

Our first challenge of the afternoon…to put on our duvet cover, pillow case and make up our beds. This met with mixed successes.

After a dinner of mac’n’ cheese and homemade soup we were ready for our circus tricks.  We tried devil sticks, spinning plates and juggling two, three and four balls, hoops and bean bags. Such fun.

Hoping for a good night’s sleep (said the adults).

Wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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