Head Teacher’s Blog 14/09/2017

Dear Parents and Carers, this week’s updates are:

  • Miss Bethan Griffiths has been appointed to teach P1B with Mrs Wright. Mrs Christine Fudge has secured a permanent contract with us and will continue to teach P7A.
  • The ROSPA playground assessors were extremely pleased with the maintenance programme of our playground. A border around the climbing structure will be fitted to hold the pea gravel in place, as soon as possible. I have been told, short ‘wellie shoes’ are good for children to prevent damaging their school shoes. The children are welcome to change into them for break and lunch. They are always worth a shot!
  • As part of our ongoing Health and Safety programme, schools are checked for Carbon Monoxide. This is routine. Bruntsfield Primary will be tested on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 September.
  • Parents asked how we select pupils for the P6 and P7 Sports Hall Athletics and Interscholastic Competitions at Meadowbank? Mrs Ramsay and Mr Rae work in partnership to select the team based on pupils’ sporting achievements throughout the year.
  • Parents also asked how the Running Club was selected? To join Mrs Ramsay’s P6 and P7 Running Club, all Primary 5 classes go to the Links with their teachers during the summer term for a taster session. Those who are interested and run the fastest are offered a place. Numbers vary, but there are usually places for up to 30 children as Mr Rae, Mrs Anderson or Mrs McLachlin go with the Club to the links at lunchtime.  It is hoped runners in the club remain for the duration of P6 and P7 and compete in competitions.
  • If anyone is interested in having another running club, for the fun of running, exercise and friendship, or for a different stage, we can explore possibilities with Active Schools.
  • City of Edinburgh Council Catering have a number of vacancies in local schools for the delivery of school meals. These are mostly 8, 10 or 16 hour posts over lunch times, there are some with longer hours.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please ask them to apply via the ‘myjobscotland’ website or call Val on 0131 529 2771 for an application form.
  • The Parent Council AGM is on Wednesday 20 September at 7pm, in our Dining Hall (and not the 27 September as previously mentioned).  Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Please remember the school is closed on Monday 18 September, it has been known for children to arrive on a holiday Monday!

Kind regards,

Carol Kyle, Natalie Borrowman and Jenny Dobie

The Management Team

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