Head Teacher’s Blog 04/09/2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

The lines for P1 and P2 children being closer together has worked well. This allows everyone to see the children from around the sides and also allows the children to stay together when going into class. To help further, please avoid walking through the lines if you are moving between the front and back playgrounds. Someone asked “How long do parents have to stay whist the children are in lines?”  You are welcome to stay and chat to other families, or drop them off and go.

If anyone is worried about being late collecting children at the end of the day, please register with Kidzcare, they look after children in emergencies and it really helps!

Parent Consultation letters will be with you on Tuesday, please remember to return them. An ‘Art Auction’ is planned for Consultation Meetings in the Dining Hall, if you have any donations, please send them in. Everyone is welcome to enjoy and bid on their favourite.

Parents suggested sharing a copy of their children’s timetable, we shall have this ready for you for Parent’s Evening, along with the Class Welcome Booklet and Curricula Overview of topics for the term.

We have a school nurse visiting each term, if you have anything you would like to discuss with her, please let me know and I can let her know.

Photos for the P1 Evening News are being taken on Thursday 14 September, I’ll let you know the dates they will be in the Evening News when this is confirmed.

Kind regards,
Carol Kyle, Natalie Borrowman, Jenny Dobie
Bruntsfield Primary School Management Team.

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