P2 Showcase Report

Hot and Cold Lands

On Thursday 9 March P2A and P2B Parents and Carers were invited to school to share their child’s learning. They were treated to a wonderful Showcase of Hot and Cold Lands.

There were some curious penguins who wondered why they had never met a polar bear, and some excellent scientists who explained the reasons why. A variety of animals explained how they adapted to their environment. The children spoke clearly and confidently. They sang enthusiastically and loudly; performing the actions too. And the dance moves…well. Thank you to all involved in the P2 showcase; you were fantastic.

Thank you for your contributions. The money raised from tickets covered the costumes, refreshments and the cost of the handmade enterprise.


Some of the very positive parent and carer feedback we received…

‘The children were great and I learnt new facts. Really fun show’

‘Wonderfully entertaining! The children looked all so engaged and enthusiastic. A truly great performance.’

‘Brrrrilliant…a terrific amount of effort by the children- thank you! Their enthusiasm and energy are so infectious and it’s wonderful to see their passion for learning. Thank you for everything you do for them.’

‘Fantastic singing. Great to see the children so confident’

‘The showcase was well planned. It was funny and interesting to watch. Five stars.’

‘Really enjoyed seeing all the hard work, children looked like they were enjoying themselves. Thanks for the super costumes and loved the biscuits.’


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