P6B & 6C Camp Update

 For the latest information and updates from Lagganlia!

Welcome back P6s!

Day 3

We awoke to the sound of pattering rain and gusty wind…hooray today’s the day we win against the midges.
After bacon and quorn sausage rolls we set off to meet our leaders. Gathering the correct equipment and dressing appropriately took some of us longer than others… And off we headed; canoeing, abseiling, hiking and gorge walking. We were ready to battle the weather and face new challenges.
Highlights shared at dinner…when we could be heard above the excitement were…” Amazing day”, ” Best ever’, “So much fun” and where and how we all toasted our marshmallows.
Think the canoeing group were disappointed they didn’t capsize, or that no one fell in.
Wonder what tonight will bring?


Day 2

So…after a hearty breakfast it was off to groups to meet our leaders.

Today’s adventures included, gorge walking, mountain biking, archery, hill walking, canoeing and a scavenger hunt.

Best moment…the adults in the teddy bear onsies and what can only be described as tarpaulin waterproofs or wet suits demanding in the activity.  When all the children were suitable attired…well… that was an adventure in itself.

We marched off, armed with smidge, covered  in midge lotion to tackle our adventurous. activities not to mention battle the midges.

Unfortunately the score was …  midges:  3000     us:  4

Best comments…”Our instructor is really good!” and “This is such fun!” and  on climbing up the waterfall… ” Aw…how am I wet?!”  So wearing waterproof clothes doesn’t make them waterproof.

We have all settled well and thoroughly enjoyed an outdoor lunch in our groups. Shrieks of delight and excited voices were all around when we caught up with our friends in other groups and shared our stories.


Day 1

Last night’s circus tricks and antics. Juggling, plate spinning and devil sticks. All ready for a performance at the festival next year.

What a beautiful sun shiney day filled with excited voices and laughter amid the, “Are we nearly there yet and how much longer?” We stopped at Dunkeld to have a snack and drink and to give the children a play in the park area… This was met with shrieks of delight.

Finally arriving and discovering their groups and roommates was the next exciting moment on the agenda. The teachers were excited at the idea of showing their groups how to put a duvet cover on. My best moment was …” Try turning your sheet the other way to make it fit!”


Exploring our surroundings and a dinner of chicken curry or baked potato. What a great start to our adventure.


Our P6B and 6C campers have arrived safely in Lagganlia and are busy organising themselves for their first day of activities tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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