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This year our P7s will be sending blog updates from Lagganlia.  Check below for pictures, information and updates on Lagganlia 2016!

  • 20/05/2016

Welcome back P7s!

  • 19/05/2016


And the beat went on. The children showed us their fancy dance moves as they danced to the disco beat.. Adding a little more colour to their already weather-beaten faces. Needless to say, we refrained from  joining in this event. (Think our dance moves are out of date!)

The collection of unclaimed clothing continues to build. And… the stockpile of dirty socks is growing along with the team building with laughter, fun and new friendships.

The children said,Tomorrow has come too quickly.  We don’t  want today to end!
The teachers said “Bed…!”

the team

Team BPS!

Chillin’ before fish and chips or burgers and catching up with the hikers’ events. Rain, snow and standing to eat dinner while sheltering at the bothy. Amazing hike. Amazing children who braved all sorts of weather and demonstrated resilience and inner strength.
Everyone was full of praise for them.

Team games at free time and team building.

After a mammoth unpack and separating out the soggy from the muddy (not much clean or dry) it was a race to the showers.
We sat squeaky clean and shiny faced during our debrief. What a lot we had learned on our expedition; about ourselves, each other and  how to work in a team.
Free time ahead and meeting up with the hikers. Wonder how their expedition was?

Morning arrived. Woken by a variety of unusual animal sounds… And that wasn’t the children. After being persuaded to ‘sleep’ until seven. A campfire breakfast of hot cereal or the all day breakfast.  Oh. And more hot chocolate. Hooray.  No rain.

Then packing up the tents for the paddle back. However we were left with two right boots in different sizes – a mystery still to be solved!


  • 18/05/2016


Staying dry and the wind has dropped. “But it’s snowing ashes!” They cried. Yum yum. Boil in the bag dinner by the camp fire.  What luxury.

The tents went up in the wind and rain but it will take more than that to dampen the high spirits of the children. An exciting journey down river battling the wind, working in teams and telling jokes as we paddled.

So lunch time….never felt so happy to have a warm drink and a good filled roll after two hours canoeing.


  • 17/05/2016

    So evening two. After a hearty dinner and seconds all round…it was off to pack the barrels and bags for our overnighter on Wednesday. YES. Overnight…forecast rain. In a tent. Well this ‘packing’ was an adventure in itself. And. It did not mean emptying your suitcase into the bin provided. This took some time…and time to repackage!After a tasty supper of chocolate crispie cake, it was off to bed.

    Lights out, off to sleep… the children …and the adults.

    Wonder what tomorrow will have in store?

    Well this afternoon it was practice putting up your tent time…before the rain. We just made it. This required team work especially as there were no instructions. The instructors said on watching the teachers “It’s more fun to watch!”

    The children “Do you need help?”

    The teachers “Is it meant to look like this?” and “YES”

    Gorge walkers
    The gorge walk yesterday… Where there was leaping and jumping and the sound of shrieks of delight and excitements as they landed one by one into the freezing river. All planned of course. ‘Can we go again?’ They yelled.



  • 16/05/2016
    Safely arrived. Sun still shining.
    Relaxing journey and lunch in Dunkeld. Some tree swinging and stick collecting.
    The instructors said on our arrival “They seem nice?” Wonder how long that will last.
    They also said “They are always super excited on the first day!”
    The children said on arrival “Why is there snow on the hills?” And “This is going to be the best camp ever!”
    The staff …Well… two cups of tea later and a bracing walk to watch the wet suited children jump in the river… “It’s going to be a great week.”
    Gorge walking after tea… armed with maps and head torches.

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