Community Teams

Community Teams
Session 2015-16

After last session’s success, our exciting, whole school initiative returns and will launch next Friday 18 of September. Each pupil is part of a P1-P7 mixed age group Community Team led by a class teacher. The meetings take place in classrooms one Friday per month.

This year, our whole school focus for Community Teams is: Learning for Sustainability.

Learning through Community Teams will develop all pupils’ understanding of sustainability and enable them to become active, global citizens who endeavour to create a better, sustainable future for our planet and its people.

Teams will be exploring interesting and relevant themes including: Human Rights, Political Literacy, Peace and Conflict, Growing Food, Diversity and Eradicating Poverty amongst others.

Further information about the benefits and relevance of Learning for Sustainability can be found via the following link:

This year in our Community Teams we are working with Virgin Money as part of the make £5 grow project.

Virgin Money operates the Make £5 Grow programme in over 200 Primary Schools around the UK.

The idea is to give school children a real life experience of starting a mini business. It’s great fun, they learn lots, and it helps them build skills for the future. What’s more it gets them thinking like entrepreneurs.

Linking to their identified theme each Community Team will use imagination and creativity to make their money grow. Details of business ideas and enterprises will be shared as they develop.

Further information is available via the following link:

If you are able to offer support or share your skills with a Community Team, please contact Mr Stitt or Mrs Borrowman, via the school office.



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